1 Male Available H Cross Making Mayhem x Slash V Honey Be Sweet

 Litters / Posted 1 month ago by Jennifer Crowley

This is my favorite cross. These pups are extremely athletic and intelligent. We have placed these pups all over the US in both working & pet homes. They excel in whatever is asked of them. Will make excellent working dogs or performance prospects.

Gus is a hard hitting natural head dog with no back-down in him. He is a very close & upright worker. He has the power to move a stubborn bull but is able to take it down a notch and move young calves with gentleness. He is an all-around farm dog and is trusted with the run of the farm. He has proven himself to be an irreplaceable farmhand from running coyotes out of the calving pasture to keeping stray dogs away from the flock of laying hens to baby sitting lonely goats & barn kittens. He has a natural ability to read a situation and keep himself out of trouble. He has a little stubborn streak but loves to please. He’s got the personality to take his cussing when he needs it and get back to work. He loves to be with his people no matter what task is getting done.

Honey is very natural low heeling female. She will hit heads when necessary. She is a quiet & patient worker and settles her stock easily. She tends to use a little eye when working. She is extremely protective of our farm and kids. She has a very serious personality and doesn’t have the time of day for anyone not in our family. We dubbed her the red shadow because she will stick close to your heels when you are out and about on the farm. She is also the perfect babysitter for our kiddos.

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