Cedar Hills Angus Ranch Aussies

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We are just getting started in our adventure of producing what we hope will be some of the best working Aussies around. We want tough gritty aussies that will go all day and not quit on us. We want them to be loyal, fearless and great family dogs. We feel we have picked dogs that embody this goal and we strive to maintain and improve the working aussie bloodlines while keeping with the standards set forth by the ASCA for conformation and temperament. Our dogs are a part of our daily lives and ingrained in our family. All dogs will be genetically tested and clear of defects before they ever raise a litter. This does not mean we will have 100% negative genetic panels. This means that our dogs will be free of physical defects that will affect their ability to do their jobs both now and in the future. A few of our dogs carry recessive genetic faults, however we make sure that we never breed two carriers to create an affected dog.  We want our aussies to be apart of your life as now and well into the future. We hold our dogs to a high standard and we hope you will agree.

  • Listing ID: 8130
  • Registry available:: ASCA
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally, Started dogs
  • Lister name: Kayla Smidt
  • Owner: Kayla Smidt - Cedar Hills Angus Ranch Australian Shepherds
  • Pedigree info: My male is Slash V. He is a Cutter by Selkie. My Female is H-Cross. Our goal is to raise structurally sound working aussies that can go to trial but are first and foremost strong ranch dogs. We have cattle and so dogs that will work a cow is a must.
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