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Deep Creek Australian Shepherd’s story began over thirty years ago in the desert of Southern Idaho. Tim and Glenna Chadwick ran a 500 cow/calf ranch called Deep Creek. The name Deep Creek was somewhat misleading. With an annual rainfall of just nine inches there wasn’t much water to be found, only a vast sea of sagebrush riddled with rattlesnakes.

Tim and Glenna managed their ranch with good dogs, good horses, and the help of their kids, Grey, Presley, and Kennedy. The kids would saddle up at 4:00 am to help their parents trail cattle in the dark before the summer heat set in. Every summer the Chadwicks, family friends, and neighboring Big Creek Ranch owned by Tim’s brother Dave Chadwick, would trail the pairs over fifty miles to summer pasture in the South Hills and then back again in the fall to winter the cattle at headquarters. 

Whip was Tim and Glenna’s first Australian Shepherd. He has been gone for many years now but stories are still fondly told about him. Glenna laments that Whip was far from the cute puppy she was promised—instead Tim showed up with a black tri pup in his ugly coyote-looking teenage stage. Tim could send Whip as far as he could see and oftentimes beyond that to bring in cattle scattered in the hills. Whip was a grandson of Hanging Tree Blue Bear. 

Since then the Chadwicks have always had tough, gritty Australian Shepherds. There are many different cattle dog breeds out there but we are sold on the Australian Shepherd. Not only can they help the rancher and farmer get a hard day’s work done, they are also great family protectors and extremely intelligent companions. Instead of sneaking down to the neighbor’s pasture to harass stock like many other cattle working breeds, the Australian Shepherd is content to lay in the shade while keeping a watchful eye on his family and property.

Here at Deep Creek Australian Shepherds we strive to produce tough, gritty Australian Shepherds for the rancher, farmer, and rural family. We focus solely on cattle working ability. Our Australian Shepherds are primarily of Pincie Creek and Hangin’ Tree origin. While a pedigree can provide information and can be a good indicator of certain traits, we do not make decisions to breed based on pedigrees alone. In the horse world you can’t ride a pedigree and we think this applies to dogs too. What matters to us is a dog’s desire to work and performance on cattle.

We are now located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley in Montana. Deep Creek Australian Shepherds is a family business managed by Presley Chadwick, her fiancé Thomas Hsu, and Tim & Glenna Chadwick. Thank you for taking a look.

– The Chadwicks

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