Harley x Boss (Warning Label Required)

 Litters / Posted 9 months ago by Jacqueline Tinker

Warning Label Required

This is not a litter for the new Aussie owner. We are expecting tough cattle dogs out of this litter.

Harley has produced a litter of very nice working dogs with excellent structure that are biddable and smart and tough with high drive.

Harley is a very tough female. She will head and heal. Her presence is a very powerful force. Stock that don’t know her, don’t want to be anywhere near her. They have the utmost respect for her when she simply walks into their space.

She can read stock and settles her stock very easily. She has a wide outrun- She loves to make a wide outrun! She is also pushy. She likes stock to move quickly like most Aussies, however she is very trustworthy. I can send her out to big pastures to gather stock. She will often try to gather the stock from both sides of the fence!

Yet she is gentle with baby lambs and weak animals. Once she has made her point and once and animal comes into “her herd” they are her animals and she takes care of them like a mother dog. Dogs like Harley don’t come along all that often.

Harley is VERY protective of her property and vehicle. Once out of the vehicle or off the property she is very friendly. She was wonderful with my young grandson when he lived with us.


Boss is a very strong Australian Shepherd who works on a large ranch in way West Texas. He has a tough mind, is very loyal and quite and independent thinker.

This is what Ann says about her dog, Boss:

“Boss is able to chill out and happy to hang out ….. until chore time.  Then he’s strongly opinionated about getting the chores done on time. Once the work is done he is happy to eat his supper and be a lap dog.

He heels, heads. Has no fear. Is loyal beyond description. Sees the group very well. Has absolutely no quit. Is very easy to live and travel with. Not aggressive toward people but will bark at a stranger.”

Harley’s Genetic Testing

  • Hips- good
  • All genetic panels clear
  • Eyes clear 2019

Boss’ Genetic Testing

  • Eyes clear – Feb 8, 2019
  • Elbows – normal
  • Hips – good
  • Genetic testing done by GenSol Diagnostics
  • MDR1 – n / m
  • HC – clear
  • CEA – clear
  • PRA-PRCD – clear
  • CMR1 – clear
  • DM – clear
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Frost, TXTexas,United States *****

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