Lor A Australian Shepherds

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Tracing back to 1969, Lor A Australian Shepherds was founded by my grandma, Rebecca Anderson, and great-grandma, Loretha Powers. Our dogs work with us on our beef cattle ranch. They help us as we gather cows, drive the herd, and work in the corral. Our dogs are intuitive, natural workers who do their job with few commands from us. They are dependable and athletic dogs, with outstanding stamina to work all day. It is important that they are gentle on calves, but firm on cows and bulls. They will hit both head and heels, though only when necessary. Our primary goal is to produce dogs that are sound in mind and body. All of our dogs are biddable workers, with a great off switch. Lor A Aussies are more than just ranch dogs, they live with us in the house and go everywhere we do. They are all well-rounded and well-mannered. While our main focus is to produce dependable ranch dogs, we have just started to become involved in stockdog trials. With this in mind, we do have a few sheep and ducks for the dogs to work. They do an excellent job adjusting their working style to match the needs of their stock.

We have puppies in working homes all over the United States, as well as Europe. All of our dogs have genetic health testing, as well as OFA done. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about Lor A Aussies! You can also follow us on Facebook, Lor A Australian Shepherds, and watch Flint’s 2020 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year video!

  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally
  • Lister name: Beth Crandall
  • Owner: Beth Crandall
  • Mandatory video: https://youtu.be/z4JcYZGabH0
  • Pedigree info: Our dogs go back to the old Wood's dogs, J Bar D, Silverledge, Crown Point, and some Slash V and Hangin Tree. My grandma talks about how they started their lines purchasing dogs from Juanita Ely. My goal is to produce dependable working ranch dogs with a sound mind and body.
  • Public video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxNxYtoVrHQ
  • Link to video 2: https://youtu.be/z4JcYZGabH0
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