RockStars' Aussies

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RockStars’ Aussies is owned and operated by Lee and Brittany Starritt, along with their daughter Sammie. Located in the beautiful northern Sandhills of Nebraska, the ranch is in the heart of the #1 cow county in the nation, Cherry County. RockStars’ Aussies are part of the crew and work cattle of every class, from  pairs to weaned calves, yearlings and bulls. They work horseback and with a four-wheeler, depending on what the situation calls for. All our dogs are bred to work, and versatile enough to go other directions as well. Puppies sold to working homes are guaranteed to work. Our current primary sire is, BLAZIN’SUN LATIGO OF BOYD RANCH. Our dogs are AKC, ASCA and/or ASDR registered. Our foundation is Crown Point breeding, so these guys have HOF blood running through their veins! Our ASDR dogs are from some purebred dogs that got us started. They are all working bred and carry some Crown Point in them as well. We pride ourselves in producing a great looking, well colored,  athletic, well rounded, people loving, quality bred, working Aussie. We like a dog that has all the working drive it needs to do the job, and the contentedness to “just be” when their “off the clock”. We fell in love with Aussies after being introduced to them by our friends at Boyd Ranch years ago, and are passionate about raising, and contributing to, this fantastic breed.

  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC, Other (Describe in description)
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally
  • Lister name: Lee and Brittany Starritt
  • Owner: Lee and Brittany Starritt
  • Mandatory video:
  • Pedigree info: We raise standard AKC, ASCA and ASDR Australian Shepherds, on a cattle ranch in the Sandhills of Nebraska. We use our dogs to move and work all classes of cattle from pairs, to weaned calves, yearlings and bulls. The dogs work with both horses and 4 wheelers and love to go. Our primary stud is currently Blazin'Sun Latigo of Boyd Ranch. Curt and Susan Boyd are the reason we got "bit by the Aussie bug" several years ago. Our AKC and ASCA dogs are primarily of Crown Point breeding, they are definitely working bred, but have gone other directions as well. Our ASDR dogs carry some Crown Point as well and are of some purebred lines that got us started. These lines also produced great working dogs, that could be versatile as well. The video is of "Sioux" (ASDR pending black tri female by Latigo) and "Bella" (AKC/ASCA). We are dedicated to producing high quality Aussies, that carry great working bloodlines, good looks, and wonderful temperments: a dog that is bred to work, and loves its people. We like a dog that has a great drive when it's time to work and is content to "just be" when it's not. Our dogs are members of our crew and our family and we are not a puppy mill, we do however, take pride in regularly producing quality puppies that we are proud to have our name on.
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