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HOFX Kennel, breeder of many WTCHs and numerous titled working Aussies

Current home of:

WTCH-X Starstuff’s Killian Qwick RTDcs AFTDcsdm
WTCH Starstuff’s Gonna Be Qwick
WTCH Starstuff’s Just Killin Time

Past home of:

HOF WTCH Hangin Tree Dude RTDcs PATDcs
HOF WTCH Rising Sun Qwick Draw RTDcs
WTCH Diamond S Doc Tom RTDcs
HOF WTCH Diamond S Sammy RTDcs PATDcs
HOF WTCH Starstuff’s Winning Play RTDcs
HOF WTCH Windsong’s Imagine RTDs PATDs


Here at Starstuff we are breeding by using the strong genetics of “Hangin Tree Dude” to accomplish our only goal; that is to produce good using, talented working Aussies for real life situations. But in order to accomplish that, a sound mind and body are also an absolute must. All of our breeding dogs must be as free of genetic disorders as is currently possible to determine, and to possess a safe and sane temperament. Our focus is on a naturally instinctive stock dog that is easily trained, has an intense working drive and a strong sense of accomplishment. A dog that is flexible enough in ability and honesty to work all types of livestock, with a strong savvy to handle cattle. A true working partner. It’s a hard mark to hit every time, but it’s a goal worth pursuing. We hope that someday you will enjoy working and loving a Starstuff Aussie.

  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally, Started dogs
  • Lister name: Becky Bailie
  • Owner: Becky Bailie-Starstuff
  • Mandatory video:
  • Pedigree info: line breeding on HT Dude and his progeny to produce quality working dogs with natural instinct and trainablity
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