Tucker Creek Australian Shepherds

 Breeders / Posted 2 years ago by Tanya Wheeler

Hall of Fame Excellent Kennel focused on preserving the instinctive working Australian Shepherd.  Tucker Creek Australian Shepherds began our kennel with old working lines and have established a solid breeding program with limited litters and high standards for outsourcing solid foundation dogs to include.  We use our dogs in real life on working sheep and cattle operations. Our dogs have established a great reputation for work and performance while maintaining longevity in the breed and adhering to a breed standard that recognizes the Aussie for it’s originally valued traits, Independent, strong working dogs with an inherent desire to please.  Many times, many dogs qualified in ASCA National stock dog finals, but more importantly, reliable and useful stock dogs on working farms around the world.  Stop in to see our website at www.tuckercreek.ca or check out the old site for some history on our foundation at www.tuckercreek.net .  Selective  and limited breeding of our own and to outside dogs.

  • Listing ID: 7544
  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC, CKC (Canadian)
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally, Started dogs, Finished dogs, Boarding, Training, Lessons
  • Lister name: Tanya L Wheeler
  • Owner: Tanya Wheeler
  • Mandatory video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTw2ZOAOPgA&list=UUFJYThQUzmtJ9zASbr78zgQ&index=32
  • Pedigree info: Breeding for work and performance, aussies that reflect the intelligence and versatility they are recognized for. Old working lines including Las Rocosa, Vest, Hangin Tree, and other excellent lines.
  • Public video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUeQgDuM3u8&t=186s
  • Link to video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FH2Fgs11thA&t=158s
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3020 Highway 61P7J 0G8 Show Phone Number ***** http://www.tuckercreek.ca

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