WTCH Sage Creek Ridin' High X WTCH Justus Southpaw Raisin Cain OFTDcs ATD-Ms ATD-Xs RN DNA-VP

 Litters / Posted 3 months ago by Jacqueline Tinker

This should be a very nice litter. Doubled up on Red Baron.

Copper is a strong working dog with incredible group and rate. He has the ability to control anything from the wildest sheep to the toughest cattle. His sense of group is very strong and his ability to read stock and manage them is top notch. I have seen him pen uncooperative cattle and keep them from darting out by simply shifting his weight to a different foot. He doesn’t back down from a fight if needed. He has successfully dog broken a set of new cattle in an open field out of necessity. He prefers to dominate his cattle and make them mind him. But he can work way off sheep and has the ability to settle them as well. He can pick a chicken out from a group of 150 ducks and move it out of the pen by himself. He won’t leave anything behind. He picks up on new chores and tasks very fast. He is a really special dog.

Copper works on our ranch daily. He is the easiest dog to train and makes a smart ranch dog. He is SUPER smart and biddable. Copper has an amazing personality. He gets along with dogs, people, kids and cats! He helps imbalanced dogs in for training find a way to a balanced state. He is quite an amazing dog.

Hannah as a nice sense of group. She works with distance and nice rate. She is easy to train and finished her WTCH with minimal training. She has bounced around for awhile but has found her forever home with Peggy. She has some really nice old dogs in her pedigree. She is very protective and loyal.

Hannah is a DM carrier. Good hips and clear elbows.

Copper is clear on the genetic panel. One mild asymptomatic hip and clear elbows.

Copper works every day and shows no sign of issues in his hip. x-ray available upon request. He has sired a litter 2 years ago. 2 of the 6 puppies were prelimmed and one came back good, the other excellent. This is a really fast strong dog. We decided to breed the litter because we don’t want to lose the genetics of an amazingly talented dog. You just don’t run across dogs like Copper very often.

His pups are super talented. He passed on his biddability and sense of group and stock savvy to his progeny.

  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Sire: Copper - WTCH Justus Southpaw Raisin Cain OFTDcs ATD-Ms ATD-Xs RN DNA-VP (Riverbank's Right Hand Man x Justus Bling It On)
  • Dam: Hannah - WTCH Sage Creek Ridin' High (W Lazy J Cow Puncher x Crown Point Cattle Kellie)
  • Color: Red, Red tri
  • Lister name: Peggy Chisolm
  • Referring WAS member: Jacqueline Tinker
  • Owner: Peggy Chisolm
  • Whelp date (or approx): 8/28/21
  • Public video 1:
  • Link to video 2:
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