WTCH Tucker Creek's Tango Lacumparsita OFTDs

 Stud dogs / Posted 2 years ago by Tanya Wheeler

From 9 weeks on, Tango has been one of the most naturally talented dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with and very similar to his sire Tiger. He is a stylish working dog and a joy to be around. He has his dad’s sense of humour although he’s a serious worker. Most people describe him as sweet even though he recognizes strangers, he is quick to warm up.

On stock, he is instinctive and never reactive. He stays solidly in the pocket when under pressure and stock just seems to trust him. He is tough enough on any kind of cattle and in every situation, and he is an honest dog who is kind to his stock.  I have had countless judges approach to express their admiration for his kindness for stock while still being able to hold his ground and move challenging livestock.

It is a sheer joy to train and trial this guy as he has a strong desire to please. Structurally a lovely athletic dog, taking traits both from his dad (Tiger) and his dam (Jet). A Tucker grandson and Gr grandson from both sides.

  • Listing ID: 7790
  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC, CKC (Canadian)
  • Sire: Hall of Fame Sire Can Ch WTCH VCh Tucker Creek's Tiger Coast PATDsc RD RTDsc
  • Dam: Hall of Fame Dam Tucker Creek's Jet Set HI ATDsd OTDc
  • Semen available: Live cover, Chilled semen, Frozen semen
  • Color: Red factored
  • Lister name: Tanya L Wheeler
  • Referring WAS member:
  • Owner: Tanya Wheeler
  • Whelp date (or approx): April 5, 2021
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