Posted 3 months ago by Carol Gerken

We have 1 Red Merle Male left out of this litter. Welped on 1/14/2021 Sire: Cherokee is a quiet happy worker. Soft enough to work...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 1 week ago by Carol Gerken

These pups come from strong working lines. They should have strong natural working instinct. The previous litter a year ago with this same cross has...

 Litters /  Idaho

Posted 3 months ago by Jan Wesen

Performance litter with strong work ethic

 Litters /  United States

Posted 7 months ago by Jacqueline Tinker

Warning Label Required This is not a litter for the new Aussie owner. We are expecting tough cattle dogs out of this litter. Harley has...

 Litters /  Texas

Posted 8 months ago by Susan Severns

I’ve been waiting over 5 years for this breeding. I had to wait for the right female to come along to be able to breed...

 Litters /  Idaho

Posted 2 months ago by Kayla Smidt

Beautiful little of aussies that will be tough, gritty and Guaranteed to work. Their mother was a strong heel do up until she was injured....

 Litters /  United States

Posted 5 months ago by Beth Crandall

We are excited for this Flint and Rein litter! We are expecting strong working pups. Both Flint and Rein work on our beef cattle operation...

 Litters /  Utah

Posted 3 months ago by Presley Chadwick

Expecting nice working dogs from this litter. Tig and Willow are both silent workers, have strong presence and hard bite. Tig is a talented dog...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 3 months ago by Carol Gerken

This litter represents the best of our line breeding program. Cash's accolades include Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo & Stockdog Ranch Class winner, 2019 ASCA Nationals...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 3 months ago by Tanya Wheeler

An exciting cross for herding, agility, and performance. For years at Tucker Creek we have worked hard to select the perfect cross for working and...

 Litters /  Ontario

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