Emory Oak Aussies


Posted 1 month ago by Margaret Shelburne

Big O Little o Ranch is home of Emory Oak Aussies.  We are located in Southern Arizona, 35 miles from the border and is situated...

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K-J Ranch


Posted 2 months ago by Carol Gerken

K-J Ranch began raising working Aussies nearly 20 years ago.  Our mission has always been to preserve the  instinctive working dog, producing dogs with a...

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Ranahan Stockdogs


Posted 4 months ago by trish alexander

Ranahan Stockdogs breeds cow dogs that hit both heads and heels. Plain and simple... dogs with grit, than won't back down or give up when...

 Breeders /  California

Posted 6 months ago by Gina Larson

Windmill is a ASCA Hall of Fame kennel that has produced multiple Hall of Fame dogs and bitches. My goal, from the beginning, has been...

 Breeders /  Idaho

Posted 1 year ago by Nancy Guerin

I am involved since now twenty years to produce some usefull dogs for the farm owners. I beleive that the Australian Shepherd can be one...

 Breeders /  Quebec

Posted 2 years ago by Ann Daugherty

Boss is a loyal companion.  Extremely easy to live and travel with.  He is a tough ranch dog, able to dog break our keeping cattle...

 Stud dogs /  United States

Posted 2 weeks ago by Jacqueline Tinker

This should be a very nice litter. Doubled up on Red Baron. Copper is a strong working dog with incredible group and rate. He has...

 Litters /  Texas

Posted 4 weeks ago by Margaret Shelburne

Emory Oak Aussies is dedicated in preserving some of the old working bloodlines upfront.  We believe in puppies being reared properly. Litters are born and...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 1 month ago by marti parrish

Oso has been bred to Bill Dakin’s Crockett for an October 16 litter. These pups will have strong working instinct and drive along with the...

 Litters /  United States

Posted 1 month ago by marti parrish

I have been breeding and working Australian Shepherds since the mid 1970s. Breeding to preserve and improve their innate working instinct for ranch, farm, and...

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