Istari Aussies

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My goal is to produce Aussies who can work stock. I like a biddable dog who wants to work with me when necessary, but who learns the tasks and can work independently.
I want a dog confident enough to work tough stock, savvy enough to work lambs.

My goal is to produce working Aussies who are good farm/ranch dogs and can be successful trained by anyone as chore or trial dogs. I aim to produce biddable dogs who have the ability to work anything from lambs (and ducks) to cattle. However I do not have many litters. My foundation is Twin Oaks/Windsong (HOF PCH WTCH ATCH Twin Oaks Rowan CDX RTDs DNA-VP).

All of my breeding dogs are OFA-ed (hips and elbows) and eyes checked, plus DNA-ed for parentage verification before their first litter. I have a small farm with sheep and ducks, and use my dogs daily for chores (particularly as the sheep are escape artists)

ASCA stockdog judge
AHBA herding judge


My dogs:
WTCH Istari Gearhart Leapn Lizard OFTDs RS-N GS-N JS-O DNA-VP
SDCH WTCHx FTCH HTCH Istari Vardarianna
WTCH HTCH Vaquero’s Willow @Istari RTCsc AFTDsm OFTDcd DNA-cp
dogs you have bred:
(Ron) SVCH WTCH ATCH2 CH Istari’s Tauron the Forester TT DNA-VP
(Lin) PCH WTCH HTCH Istari Laurelin by FourMile CDX RTDcs PATDsc AFTDs
OFTDc DNA-VP (2009 reserve champion cattle dog)
PCH WTCH Istari’s Tom Bombadil RTDc AFTDsc PATCsc DNA-VP
WTCH Gearhart-Istari Rango Chameleon DNA-VP

(co-owned or bred by)
(Stan) WTCH Istari’s 4MI Here Comes Th’Man CGC DNA-VP
(Motley) WTCH Istari‘s Beale Street Blues RTDsc DNA-VP
WTCH Istari Twist OFTDc DNA-VP

  • Listing ID: 9108
  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally, Lessons
  • Lister name: Andrea Hoffmann
  • Owner: Istari
  • Pedigree info: Stockdog Kennel of Excellence, Reserve Champion Cattle dog 2009 Finals. ASCA and AHBA judge. Use my dogs to graze sheep with poor fences and other farm chores. Help a local cattle guy when he needs help gathering cattle.
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