Posted 2 months ago by Nancy Guerin

I am involved since now tweny years to produce some usefull dogs for the farm owners. I beleive that the Australian Shepherd can be one...

 Breeders /  Quebec

Posted 9 months ago by Ann Daugherty

Boss is a loyal companion.  Extremely easy to live and travel with.  He is a tough ranch dog, able to dog break our keeping cattle...

 Stud dogs /  United States

Posted 1 week ago by Jamie Burns

Ringo is started on stock. Can send video of first time. Nice pup. Needs a woman as owner.

 Dogs over 6 months old /  United States

Posted 2 months ago by Margaret Shelburne

Big O Little o Ranch is home of Emory Oak Aussies.  We are located in Southern Arizona, 35 miles from the border and is situated...

 Breeders /  Arizona

Posted 2 months ago by Jacqueline Tinker

Warning Label Required This is not a litter for the new Aussie owner. We are expecting tough cattle dogs out of this litter. Harley has...

 Litters /  Texas

Posted 2 months ago by Jamie Burns

Trixie will be bred to Kid this fall.  By the way the sire and dam work, I'd expect  pups to be stronger on the heels....

 Litters /  United States

Posted 2 months ago by Jamie Burns

Since 1975 we have had a life with working Aussies.  Our goals have always been to keep this a working breed with our primary focus...

 Breeders /  United States

Posted 2 months ago by Susan Severns

What we Strive for We want our Australian Shepherds to have a good temperament and be easy to live with. We like our dogs to...

 Breeders /  Idaho

Posted 2 months ago by Tanya Wheeler

George earned his ASCA Hall of Fame sire from limited breeding and a big thanks to Susanne Shwartzman of Austria for producing 2 versatile litters...

 Stud dogs /  Canada

Posted 2 months ago by Susan Severns

Nelli has won several Most Promising Started awards as well as High Combined Open and HIT's. She has a lot of finesse is biddable, has...

 Litters /  Idaho

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