Ranahan Stockdogs

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Ranahan Stockdogs breeds cow dogs that hit both heads and heels. Plain and simple… dogs with grit, than won’t back down or give up when the going gets tough. Breeding choices are based solely on choosing sires and dams that are proven workers on the ranch.  This doesn’t mean they cannot be competition dogs, and many Ranahan dogs have done extremely well in the trialing arena and other competitive venues.  This is not however, Ranahan’s primary purpose, and these high powered cow dogs are not for everyone.  Ranahan Stockdogs are bred for intelligence, thinking ability,  and are extremely biddable. Whether guarding the truck or bringing in the cattle, they are loyal and always working for their family.

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  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally, Lessons
  • Lister name: Trish Alexander
  • Owner: Trish Alexander - Ranahan
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