Lor A Steele x Rein

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These puppies are bred to work. Both parents and grandparents work on our 600 head cow/calf operation. They help us gather, sort, and drive cattle in the corral and on the range. They easily navigate a variety of terrains including mountains, pastures, sagebrush, streams, and thick willows. We breed dogs who are gentle enough to calves and ducks, but gritty enough move an angry mama cow or bull. We depend on our dogs to be thoughtful workers who don’t need to be micromanaged. They read their stock and adjust their working style to meet their needs.
Our dogs are also family dogs with a great off switch. They hang out in the house with us and are great with our kids.
Steele got the best of both his parents. He is a calm, thoughtful worker with a powerful presence. He is very intuitive and always focused on the job. He has an excellent sense of group and balance. He happily heads and heels and has proven himself both in the corral and on the range. He’s extremely biddable. At home he is playful and fun, he is so patient with our toddler and is always happy to play fetch with her. He’s reserved with strangers and very loyal to his family.
Rein is an eager worker who has the stamina to go all day. She is always looking to please.

She naturally balances to her stock. Rein has an excellent blind outrun and won’t stop until she find her stock. She’s a natural at corral work and has become my go-to ranch dog. She will also head or heel, though prefers to head. She’s excelled in the few rally trials I’ve taken her to and would make a great agility/ performance dog. Rein doesn’t know a stranger and is best friends with everyone.

Both dogs are OFA good/normal and have had genetic testing. These puppies are already very confident and people oriented. They will excel in working/performance homes.

  • Listing ID: 8874
  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Sire: “Steele” Lor A Flint N Steele (J Bar D Lor A Flint’s Dee-Light x WTCH Sagecreek on the Brazos)
  • Dam: “Rein” Sagecreek Rope N Rein of Lor A (W Lazy J Gone Ropin x WTCH Sagecreek Ridin High)
  • Services available:: Puppies occasionally
  • Color: Black bi, Red bi, Blue merle bi, Red merle, Red factored
  • Lister name: Beth Crandall
  • Referring WAS member: Email me
  • Owner: Beth Crandall - Lor A
  • Whelp date (or approx): 7/18/2023
  • Mandatory video: https://youtu.be/z4JcYZGabH0?si=XK_URuLKGHiH9zEz
  • Pedigree info: We breed dogs who naturally and successfully work on our 600 head cow/calf operation. They help with gathering, sorting, and driving the herd in a variety of terrains. Flint won 2020 farm dog of the year award.
  • Public video 1: https://youtu.be/s2DxBx4L3CQ?si=CjQnRxs39xGB2kVA
  • Link to video 2: https://youtu.be/mtxcRivYqSs?feature=shared
  • Link to pedigree: https://loraaussies.wixsite.com/loraaussies/products
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