WTCH Indian Outlaw of Tuff Hills x WTCH ES GotYourSix

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Celebrated breeding of ES GotYourSix (Kimber) to an outstanding Pincie Creek bred stock dog (Indy) by Joe Sheeran’s dog “Woody” .

Both Kimber and Indy have achieved ASCA WTCH titles

This cross brings the best of two worlds together.

High drive Pincie Creek breeding including Pincie Creek Osceola and SlashV Bittersweet Sis as well as deep links to Las Rocosa round out the top side (Indy) and crossed back to line bred Slash V, HOF sire Slash V Steel Smoke, with plenty of power and biddability. Both dogs are strong on cattle and very capable on sheep.

Kimber is a wonderful dog to watch on stock. She seems to “know” where to be and when to be there. She is highly capable on cattle, and sheep. She often is asked to bring sheep from a pasture mixed with sheep and cattle, or vice versa. She is equally strong on ewes as she is gentile on lambs. She has no problem going to heads or heels and is one of the best pen working dogs you’ll see.

Indy is a strong stock dog with lots of forward movement, lots of color, and is kid friendly. He shows a lot of power, has a very strong sense of group and plenty of speed to stave of a run away.


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