WTCH X Sliding S Nashville Play 2 Win OFTDsdm RTDcs DNA-VP "Nash"

 Stud dogs / Posted 1 month ago by Susan Severns

Nash is a lighthearted dog who is always happy. No matter what the situation, you’ll find this big goof with a smile on his face, just waiting to find out what he gets to do next. He’s always ready to work and handles repetition very well for an Aussie. He’s very social with dogs and people and gets along well with everything from intact males to bossy bitches and baby puppies.

Nash is a very confident worker, who can perform his tasks independently and with great enthusiasm. Sometimes too much enthusiasm. On cattle he is a strong heading dog, and rarely needs to use a heel bite to motivate cattle to move forward, as he has a lot of presence. Equally a strong fetching and driving dog, he has no trouble switching gears from bulls to lambs and ducks. Nash returned to the US to trial with us in the Spring of 2022 and is on board to compete in ASCA Stock Finals in cattle and possibly sheep. In 2022 Nash won First place Cattle at the ASCA Nationals Pre-Trial. In 2023 Nash placed 5th in Finals Cattle and 9th in Finals Sheep.

Nash is the last son born to our foundation bitch “Skye”. Nash also has had 3 litters to date, and his pups are showing a lot of promise in Agility, Disc and Herding.

*** Standing to Approved Bitches***

  • Listing ID: 8500
  • Registry available:: ASCA, AKC
  • Sire: HOF WTCH Winslide's Front Rider OFTDs RTDs RN DNA-VP "Pard" (HOF WTCH Hullabaloo Beau Billy Byu X WTCH Winslides Willa Win)
  • Dam: HOF WTCH Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs AFTDs DNA-CP "Skye" (HOF WTCH Andrews Tycoon X HOF WTCH X Sweetgrass Painted Blue Skye PATDs AFTDs)
  • Semen available: Live cover, Chilled semen
  • Color: Black, Black tri, Black bi, Blue merle, Blue merle tri, Blue merle bi
  • Lister name: Sliding S Aussies
  • Owner: Susan and Ken Severns - Sliding S Aussies
  • Whelp date (or approx): April 30, 2017
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