Congratulations to the Crandalls (WAS members) for getting 2020 Farm Dog of the Year!
We’ve wanted to produce a video like this but never had the budget. You guys did it! <3

Are you new to the working Aussie? Researching for your operation? Want to breed or learn more about how to use your Australian Shepherd?  Here’s what you can expect and look forward to in the breed.

Stay a while – we have breeder, dog, and trainer listings; upcoming events around the world, and a robust library to learn from.

“The “Jack of all trades, master of none” may sound bad but it does fit the Aussie.

There may be a better breed for big pastures, there may be a better breed for small stockyard pens. There may be a better breed for tame cattle and they may be a better one for wild cattle. But the good Aussie can get all of the jobs you need done as well as being your companion when working and when not.

And as well as being guardian of our children, you house, and your property from both human and animal intruders.

The Aussie is the “go to” dog no matter what you need done.” – Terry Martin, WAS approval committee member

WAS approval committee member, Dana Mackenzie has produced a wonderful 30 min video showing how she uses her dog and outlines the qualities of the dogs that makes the Aussie her farm hand of choice, along with how to use them on your operation.

We’re quite proud of  Joe Sheeran and his dog Woody for winning 2019 Farm Bureau Farm Dog of the Year. Joe has quite a collection of videos showing him using his dog in different scenarios.