Cattle Dog Training Extravaganza

Big Announcement:

This fall is going to be so EXCITING here at the Ranch! I am soooooo thrilled to share our plans with you today! I have been planning this since near the beginning of the year.

I am hosting a Cattle Dog Training Extravaganza November 17-19, 2023. I will be pulling up with a trailer full of fresh sale barn cattle- which means we have no idea what we are going to get….and we will show you how to properly and quickly gentle the cattle with your dogs!

You will learn all kinds of dog training techniques, cattle handing / sorting procedures, penning strategies and more! From ranching to trialing. We are going to work on it all! I will show you exactly what I did to train and prepare my dog Copper, winner of the 2022 ASCA Finals Championship! No secrets held back.

I have invited guest trainer, Erin Eckert to join me so we can open the gates to more people. She inspired this idea and we are so excited to be bringing it to life.

You will learn about stockmanship, proper handling, tips and tricks on where to stand to help your dog to how to properly pen cattle in a free standing pen.

Erin and I share training philosophies and this is going to be a one of a kind event!

Dogs must have stock experience and be at least 1 year old. This is not a beginner first time stock experience event. We won’t be bringing out the sheep or goats for this one. It’s all about the cow! If you wonder if your dog will be prepared enough to benefit, contact Erin or myself for an eval. Don’t worry we will have unlimited auditor spots open!


Lunch and water is included. We can even set up a campfire and roast some meat for dinner if people is interested!

We are going to have several levels of cattle at the event, including everyone’s favorites….

For more information click below. We are requiring a deposit as this will be an expensive venture and we want to encourage a committed participant group. This will be a game changer!