General Info

Tips on getting more people to look at your listings

A simple text listing really doesn’t work for people looking at the internet. To get the most out of your presence here, we suggest the following:


  • Select high quality photos that make your dogs look good – show angles, show head type, and of course, show the dog working.
    • If your dog is wide working, find photos that show that
    • If your dog has bite, show it
    • Choose your main photo for the image it conveys to a potential puppy buyer or future partner – does it look like you win a lot? Like you work ducks only? Think about what would make a stranger contact you and want a dog from you. That is the photo that will make them do that.
  • Make pedigrees shareable via social media – JPG or other such format that allows you and us to post and others to share
  • If you’re advertising a litter, a composite photo of sire and dam can be helpful for sharing


  • Social media groups are heavily biased toward good working videos. Including it in your listings can make a big difference and can get more eyes on your dogs.
    • The video doesn’t have to be perfect work – the dog can make mistakes and so can you
    • What you want to see is what the dog is capable of – find videos that highlight what you like about your dog and why you bred it


  • Understand your market. Are you breeding for trial or ranch? People will ask very different questions. Make your priorities clear in your write up. Why are you breeding? What’s your operation need? Why is this particular dog or litter or kennel the one for the person looking? People are willing to travel and ship these days, and the more detail you can provide, the more comfortable they are about inquiring and getting excited.
    • People very much care about the dog’s temperament on and off stock
    • People want to know specific qualities of the dog’s working style
    • People want to know about the lines behind the dog
    • People want to know about the general health of the dogs
    • People want to know price up front and whether you’ll ship