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Photo Gallery, Part One of Four

by Gwen Stevenson

Working Aussie Source editor’s note: Gwen Stevenson was a founding member of ASCA, who lived in Oak Run, California. She made a collection of her own and other people’s articles, photos, stories and correspondence, some of which was first published in the newsletter of the Animal Research Foundation, one of the earliest organizations to recognize the Aussie. This collection was eventually assembled into a small book, published by Dorrance & Co. in 1972, now out of print. Read excerpts from this book here.

The photos here are taken from the “Pictorial Essay” section of the book. Captions are original, editorial notes if any, follow captions.

This first section is mostly Gwen Stevenson’s own dogs, which were some of the foundation Aussies in California. Pictured below: Hart’s Panda, Stevenson’s Queen, Stevenson’s Blue Belle, Stevenson’s Esther, Stevenson’s Flip, Stevenson’s Lady, Harmon’s Martikias Feather, Stevenson’s Kate..

stevenson1_pandastevenson3_mays_adobe_rebelstevenson3_mistrettas_ballostevenson3_richards_red_bucstevenson3_thayers_paddystevenson2_streakstevenson2_dingostevenson2_jaysislerstevenson2_smokeystevenson2_sleepersstevenson2_scratchstevenson3_cottons_blue_bob stevenson1_queen stevenson1_lady stevenson1_feather stevenson1_kate stevenson1_blue_belle stevenson1_esther stevenson1_flip